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Headlines of the week: 21 November - 1 December 2022

Previous week: 14-20 November 2022

World Cup

Ukraine updates: Red Cross announces prisoners of war visitsdw8 December 2022 (LINK)

Kremlin Says Russia Is Done Taking Territory From Ukrainenewsweek8 December 2022 (LINK)

Plans to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 could be 'devastating' for Indigenous peopleeuronews8 December 2022 (LINK)

The Media Layoff Bloodbath: Why It’s Happening and Who’s Hurt the Mostthewrap8 December 2022 (LINK)

— Within the past week, CNN and Gannett laid off hundreds of employees across their news operations, while BuzzFeed slashed 12% of its workforce and the Washington Post let go of 10 staffers from its print Sunday magazine. The latest cuts followed Morning Brew laying off 14% of its staff and Vice Media trimming 2% of its digital news and publishing staff last month. In addition, the tech news website Protocol shut down, eliminating 60 jobs, while video news startup The Recount also plans to suspend operations.

US woman Government employee Anne Sacoolas responsible for the death of teenage motorcyclist Harry Dunn when driving on the wrong side of the road sentenced in absentia to eight months in prison, suspended for a yearbbc8 December 2022 (LINK)

Russian forces killed hundreds of civilians early in Ukraine war — UN Human rightsground.news: 15 sources7 December 2022 (LINK)

Another New COVID Variant: BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 Have Arrivedcnet7 December 2022 (LINK)

—More than half — about 63% — COVID-19 cases in the US are now caused by variants BQ.1 or BQ.1.1, according to the latest estimate by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Both are subvariants of omicron. BA.5, the highly contagious omicron subvariant that caused a lot of reinfections or first infections in people who hadn't had COVID-19 this summer and fall, is fading and now only responsible for about 14% of cases.

UN: With ocean in ‘dire straits’, Law of the Sea more relevant than everun7 December 2022 (LINK)

Volodymyr Zelensky named Time's 2022 Person of the Yearaxios7 December 2022 (LINK)

AI spots deepfake videos of Zelenskyy — and Putinnewscientist7 December 2022 (LINK)

— Zelenskyy was the target of a deepfake attempt during the early months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but it could also be trained to flag deepfakes of other world leaders and business tycoons.

News competition measure left out of defense spending bill after tech pushbackthehill7 December 2022 (LINK)

TSMC founder Morris Chang says globalization 'almost dead' as Apple, AMD cheer shift of production to U.S.nikkei7 December 2022 (LINK)

Common Louisiana bird has four sexes, refuses to mate with birds of the same color featherktalnews7 December 2022 (LINK)

Oldest DNA reveals life in Greenland 2 million years ago: it was a lush landscape of trees and vegetation with an array of animals, even the now extinct mastodonground.news: 77 sources7 December 2022 (LINK)

— Science Daily: "Game-Changing" Discovery of World's Oldest DNA Breaks Record by One Million Years (LINK)

Chinese Students Invent Coat That Makes People Invisible to AI Security Camerasvice7 December 2022 (LINK)

Elon Musk fires Twitter’s lawyer over Hunter Biden coverup.skynews.com.au7 December 2022 (LINK)

The Climate Book by Greta Thunbergkottke7 December 2022 (LINK)

— "Greta Thunberg has gathered the wisdom of over one hundred experts — geophysicists, oceanographers and meteorologists; engineers, economists and mathematicians; historians, philosophers and indigenous leaders — to equip us all with the knowledge we need to combat climate disaster. Alongside them, she shares her own stories of demonstrating and uncovering greenwashing around the world."

'Without nature, we have nothing': UN chief sounds alarm at key UN biodiversity eventun6 December 2022 (LINK)

Barrons: 'Humanity Has Become A Weapon Of Mass Extinction,' Warns UN Chief (LINK)

DW/Environment Canada: UN biodiversity summit hopes to halt rapid nature decline (LINK)

afp/VOA: Biodiversity Talks Open as UN Chief Calls for 'Peace Pact' With Nature (LINK)

— Representatives from the European Union and New Zealand, speaking on behalf of other countries including the United States, slammed Russia for the environmental destruction brought about by its invasion.

Russia's representative fired back that the meeting was an inappropriate forum and accused its critics of hypocrisy for not raising previous conflicts, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, in the context of talks on nature.

Measles: the World Health Organization has declared it an 'imminent global threat'theconversation6 December 2022 (LINK)

U.S. court dismisses suit against Saudi prince in killingap / politico6 December 2022 (LINK)

Warnock Defeats Walker in Georgia, Giving Democrats 51-49 Senate Majoritycommondreams6 December 2022 (LINK)

'About Damn Time': NY Jury Finds Trump Organization Guilty on All Counts of Tax Fraudcommondreams6 December 2022 (LINK)

Facebook threatens to remove all news content if bill forcing payments to local media outlets passesgreeleytribune6 December 2022 (LINK)

Scientists want to know why swear words share this one universal trait: What’s the difference between “damn” and “darn?”inverse6 December 2022 (LINK)

Iran to disband morality police amid ongoing protests, says attorney generalground.news: 252 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

Pelé responding well to treatment for respiratory infection ground.news: 69 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

Scientist who worked at Wuhan lab claims Covid-19 was man-made by the U.Sground.news: 15 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

OPEC+ agrees to stick to its existing policy of reducing oil production ahead of Russia sanctionsground.news: 154 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

China Operating More Than 100 Police Stations Abroadground.news: 10 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

UN says Myanmar has sentenced seven students to deathground.news: 57 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

Java volcano eruption: Japan Meteorological Agency says no tsunami impact, NHK reportsground.news: 18 sources4 December 2022 (LINK)

El Salvador deploys 10,000 troops to gang-run capital suburbreuters3 December 2022 (LINK)

Zelenskyy slams $60 price cap on Russian oil as 'weak'politico3 December 2022 (LINK)

Limit of $60 level is 'quite comfortable' for Russia's budget, Ukrainian president says.

Apple is accelerating plans to move production out of China as protests and riots intensify in response to zero-Covid policies, report saysbusinessinsider3 December 2022 (LINK)

UK police watchdog head resigns for 'personal and domestic reasons'theguardian3 December 2022 (LINK)

Jonathan the Seychelles tortoise, oldest living land creature, celebrates 190th birthday on St. Helenaupi3 December 2022 (LINK)

After Sandy Hook Verdicts, Alex Jones Declares Personal Bankruptcy. Also Claims To Be Owed $55 Million By His Company.abovethelaw2 December 2022 (LINK)

5 workplace trends to watch in 2023, according to an expertweforum2 December 2022 (LINK)

Countries split on plastics treaty focus as UN talks closeground.news: 44 sources2 December 2022 (LINK)

Agreement to end plastic pollution but a split on whether goals and efforts should be global and mandatory, or voluntary and country-led.

COVID can live on certain ready-to-eat groceries 'for several days'ground.news: 10 sources2 December 2022 (LINK)

Some goods, including bell peppers, bread, ham and cheese, had infectious virus detected on them several days after they were contaminated. On some surfaces, like croissants, the virus remained present and transmissible for hours.

European Union officials set Russian oil price cap at $60 a barrelground.news: 195 sources2 December 2022 (LINK)

The embargo will prevent shipments of Russian crude by tanker vessel to the EU, which account for two thirds of imports.

Biden signs bill to avert rail shutdownground.news: 14 sources2 December 2022 (LINK)

Ramaphosa makes a U-turn on announcing his resignationmg2 December 2022 (LINK)

Florida pulls $2 bln from BlackRock in largest anti-ESG divestmentground.news: 36 sources1 December 2022 (LINK)

'Nearly 600,000 people'[5% of infections] in UK have had long Covid for at least two yearsindependent1 December 2022 (LINK)

Ethiopia's conflict has seen more casualties than the war in Ukraine, U.N. secretary-general says.

UN-backed humanitarian response plans will reach $51.5 billion in 2023, according to a funding appeal released 1 December by OCHA. It's $10.5 billion more than the figure for the start of 2022.genevasolutions1 December 2022 (LINK)

Myanmar: UN Human Rights Chief alarmed at death sentences by secretive military courtsohchr1 December 2022 (LINK)

UN Human Rights Office spokesperson Marta Hurtado: "We are appalled by the latest killings of civilians in North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where unabated violence is taking a heavy toll on the local population."ohchr1 December 2022 (LINK)

Double finance flows into nature-based solutions by 2025 to deal with global crises — UNunep1 December 2022 (LINK)

IOM, UNHCR and partners appeal for $1,72 bn for refugees and migrants from Venezuelaiom1 December 2022 (LINK)

'Nearly 600,000 people'[5% of infections] in UK have had long Covid for at least two yearsindependent1 December 2022 (LINK)

Ethiopia says first talks begin inside Tigray on disarmamentground.news: 5 sources1 December 2022 (LINK)

Ethiopia's conflict has seen more casualties than the war in Ukraine, U.N. secretary-general says.

Florida pulls $2 bln from BlackRock in largest anti-ESG divestmentground.news: 36 sources1 December 2022 (LINK)

Tedros asks deputy Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab to delay retirement, fills posts temporarilydevex30 November 2022 (LINK)

Jakab has been serving in the post since 2019, and is past the retirement age for serving officials. She has been expected to retire. However, she has been in charge of the Western Pacific regional office since August, when Dr. Takeshi Kasai was put on leave after complaints of bullying and racism by several of his staff.

WHO's departing chief scientist regrets errors in debate over whether SARS-CoV-2 spreads through air: Soumya Swaminathan says the agency should have acknowledged aerosol transmission "much earlier" but is proud of work on vaccine equityscience30 November 2022 (LINK)

Finnish government on brink of collapse over reform of nature conservation legislation which aims to protect biological diversity better than beforeeuractiv30 November 2022 (LINK)

Fresh clashes erupt between police and zero-Covid protesters in south Chinaground.news: 40 sources30 November 2022 (LINK)

China factory, services activities slide to 7-month lows on COVID curbsground.news: 19 sources30 November 2022 (LINK)

EU Commission proposes blocking billions in funds to Hungary over its failure to implement solid rule-of-law reformsground.news: 33 sources30 November 2022 (LINK)

Euro zone inflation falls for first time in 17 months: consumer prices grew by 10.0% in November after a 10.6% increase in October, coming in well below expectations for 10.4%ground.news: 56 sources30 November 2022 (LINK)

Biodiversity: NGOs criticise 'bottom of the class'Switzerlandswissinfo30 November 2022 (LINK)

NGOs complain that only a few species — and no habitat — is covered by 37 designated sites, while further sites have simply not been named, despite a 2020 deadline to make progress.

Sweden's H&M first big European retailer to cut jobs as inflation hits demandground.news: 27 sources30 November 2022 (LINK)

Half of world's democracies in decline, intergovernmental watchdog says ground.news: 17 sources30 November 2022 (LINK)

Banks are short more than $1 trillion in capital, this analyst says, who fears the shortfall will only get worse: If bank assets are marked to market the .US sector is insolvent, according to an independent analystmarketwatch30 November 2022 (LINK)

The United Nations Released a Cookbook Full of Sustainable Recipes — Here's What to Knoweatingwell30 November 2022 (LINK)

Four Palestinians dead, woman wounded as West Bank violence flaresground.news: 5 sources29 November 2022 (LINK)

Top Qatari official puts worker deaths for World Cup 'between 400 and 500'ground.news: 84 sources29 November 2022 (LINK)

Singapore parliament decriminalizes gay sexdw29 November 2022 (LINK)

Mediterranean EU countries are failing to prevent a disaster in their seaeuractiv29 November 2022 (LINK)

New York Times, other media outlets call for end to Assange prosecutionwashingtonpost28 November 2022 (LINK)

Russia protests Vatican's criticism of 'special military operation' in Ukraineground.news: 19 sources28 November 2022 (LINK)

Third crypto boss dies in Switzerland after Russian billionaire's helicopter crashes in Monacoground.news: 5 sources28 November 2022 (LINK)

Judge says Trump's political actions around 2020 election not protected by 'absolute immunity'ground.news: 11 sources28 November 2022 (LINK)

Critical race theory programs are mandatory in 58 of top 100 medical schools: Reportground.news: 9 sources28 November 2022 (LINK)

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