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Nagorno-Karabakh: Fuel depot blast kills 20 as refugee count doubles: Officials say 290 people have been taken to hospital with dozens in a critical condition.see_link26 September 2023 (LINK)

Libya's top prosecutor orders eight officials arrested after flood disaster: Mayor of Derna and officials from the Water Resources Authority and Dams Management AuthorityAl Jazeera26 September 2023 (LINK)

Serbian president turns to Russia after monastery gun battle between ethnic Serb gunmen who stormed the village and Kosovo police. One policeman and three of the approximately 30 gunmen were killed, according to Kosovo forcespolitico ←25 September 2023 (LINK)

Mali junta delays February presidential election for 'technical reasons' 20 media reports25 September 2023 (LINK)

Headlines for internationalists

Ukraine says Russian Black Sea Fleet commander among 34 officers killed in missile attack on Black Sea Fleet's HQ in Sevastopol last week.Al Jazeera26 September 2023 (LINK)

Russia puts top International Criminal Court judges on federal wanted listmeduza25 September 2023 (LINK)

Russians committing rape, 'widespread' torture against Ukrainians, UN commission findsabcnews25 September 2023 (LINK)

Biden administration blacklists 11 China firms for Moscow, Tehran drone linkscnbc25 September 2023 (LINK)

Europe's trade chief promises more 'assertive' approach to China as deficit soarsCNN25 September 2023 (LINK)

South China Morning Post: EU only has itself to blame for China’s lead in electric vehicles — (LINK)

Leading Hong Kong journalist found guilty of obstructing a police main source: AP, 26 media reports25 September 2023 (LINK)


Biden hosts Pacific Island leaders in latest effort to counter China's influencePBS News Hour video25 September 2023 (LINK)

NYPost: Biden fumbles acronym during Pacific Islands forum speech: 'Doesn't matter what we call it,' he jokes — (LINK)

A history of US government shutdowns: The 14 times funding has lapsed since 1980CBSs25 September 2023 (LINK)

Biggest crypto hack of the year: Mixin Network announces $200m exploitdailyhodl25 September 2023 (LINK)

— According to BlockSec, a crypto security firm, the attacker drained Mixin's Ethereum addresses from biggest to smallest balance in about 10,000 transactions. Hong Kong crypto firm hit by $200 million hack — (LINK)

Trudeau calls Parliament's praise for Nazi-linked Ukraine-Canada veteran 'deeply embarrassing'see_link25 September 2023 (LINK)

Tax cuts from the Bush and Trump eras have cost the government $10 trillion it now owesbenzinga25 September 2023 (LINK)

— "If not for the Bush tax cut and their extensions — as well as the Trump tax cuts — revenues would be on track to keep pace with spending indefinitely, and the debt ratio (debt as a percentage of the economy) would be declining,"

The tax cuts are responsible for 57% of the increase in the debt ratio since Bush's first government in 2001. That number would reach 90% if we removed the "one-time costs" from bills responding to COVID-19 and the Great Recession.

Russia dodges G7 price cap sanctions on most of its oil main source: Financial Times, 12 media reports25 September 2023 (LINK)

The most intense heat wave ever recorded on Earth happened in Antarctica on 18 March last year, scientists say: soared to 39C above normal, reaching media reports25 September 2023 (LINK)

— Some researchers at the Dome C site stripped down to shorts, while others removed their shirts to loll in the warmth. Generally, the temperatures in March on the east coast of Antarctica are around -54 degreesC, marking a transition into autumn on the continent.

7 best watches presented at Geneva Watch Days 2023sportskeeda25 September 2023 (LINK)

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