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Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty.

Sudan reaches historic peace deal with rebel groups31 August 2020

Heroic hotelier from 'Hotel Rwanda' arrested on terrorism charges31 August 2020

Ukraine Bitsonar Whistleblower Says Law Enforcement Faked His Murder in Attempt to Protect Him31 August 2020

A Swiss scientist's infographic about COVID-19 in Switzerland: much the best sourceAdded 31 August 2020

Covid 19 coronavirus: Samoa looks to change 14-day quarantine to 21 days31 August 2020

Signature Bank Gave Dozens More PPP Loans to Crypto Firms Than Previously Reported31 August 2020

US Homeland Security Can Now Track Privacy Crypto Monero31 August 2020

Lebanese officials tried to secure explosive chemicals days before Beirut blast31 August 2020

Factbox: What is QAnon and how are social media sites handling it?31 August 2020

Floods in Sudan hit capital hard, over 90 dead nationwide30 August 2020

All migrants moved off Banksy-funded rescue vessel stranded in Mediterranean30 August 2020

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Coronavirus: India reports worst single-day spike in the world with over 78,000 new cases30 August 2020

Global coronavirus cases surpass 25 million: Reuters tally30 August 2020

European vacationers face threats of sudden and ever-changing COVID-19 travel rules: Switzerland now off U.K. 'safe' list — 30 August 2020

Mask wearers are "dramatically less likely" to get a severe case of Covid-1930 August 2020

Piers Corbyn fined £10,000 for organising anti-lockdown rally30 August 2020

Police break up forest rave in England amid COVID-19 clampdown30 August 2020

Rampant destruction of forests 'will unleash more pandemics'30 August 2020

G20 debt relief for Africa may be too little too late as coronavirus pandemic takes toll 30 August 2020

Afghan president names council for peace deal with Taliban30 August 2020

Thousands protest in Mauritius over oil spill, dead dolphins30 August 2020

Libya civil war: 10,000 people missing, rights group says30 August 2020

European official calls for new Belarus election with global supervision30 August 2020

Belarus cracks down on journalists, 2 AP staff deported30 August 2020

Thai royalists rally in riposte to anti-government movement30 August 2020

Major U.S. Internet Outage Takes Down Amazon, Hulu, Dozens Of Apps30 August 2020

WTO dispute on ICT products: India claims EU, Taiwan violating due procedures on dispute panellists30 August 2020

Online Chess Olympiad: Indian chess team ties with Russia30 August 2020

Call for Papers: Sustainability Special Issue on Transboundary Sustainable Mountain Governance30 August 2020

Climate change didn't cause Hurricane Laura but it did make the storm worse30 August 2020

White soldiers declared war on their Black counterparts in an ugly incident from WWII30 August 2020

UN calls for action to increase women in peacekeeping29 August 2020

Costa Rica requests $1.75 billion in IMF financial assistance29 August 2020

China's Wuhan says all schools to reopen on Tuesday29 August 2020

Malaysia extends ban on foreign tourists29 August 2020

Dow closes more than 150 points higher to erase its 2020 losses29 August 2020

WTO sets up panel in Turkey-EU steel tariffs standoff29 August 2020

Zurich Film Fest gives Golden Icon Award to Juliette Binoche, the first French artiste to receive prize29 August 2020

Complex security, environmental crises worsen conditions for over 360,000 in western Chad: while the region has been a target of repeated attacks by insurgents since 2015, the situation has worsened dramatically in 2020 — 28 August 2020

S&P 500 Index Structural Flaws28 August 2020

Tour de France set for Grand Départ shrouded in fear and uncertainty28 August 2020

Hungary to close its borders from 1 September over coronavirus fears: the first EU country to re-tighten restrictions so severely — 28 August 2020

Parents in U.S. who opt for remote learning don't qualify for paid leave28 August 2020

U.N. says life of Congo's Nobel Laureate doctor in danger28 August 2020

World Bank suspends 'Doing Business' report28 August 2020

Young Belarus blogger plays key role in protests28 August 2020

NPR's annotated fact check of Trump's acceptance speech27 August 2020

Boss vows to tackle misconduct claims at UN Green Climate Fund27 August 2020

Coronavirus second wave? Which countries in Europe are experiencing a resurgence of cases?27 August 2020

Worldwide, 463 million children can't access virtual schooling: UN27 August 2020

Afghanistan floods kill dozens, with many still missing27 August 2020

Spectacular Winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year 2020 Contest27 August 2020

January 2021 Davos World Economic Forum called off on COVID-19 fears27 August 2020

WEF holds 4-day online Sustainable Development Impact summit in September27 August 2020

Trump's campaign promises - has he delivered on them? Mostly27 August 2020

TV Audience Drops For RNC's Third Night, Trails DNC Average27 August 2020

Third night of the Republican National Convention: filled with egregious dishonesty and careless inaccuracy27 August 2020

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OECD Secretary-General: 3 ways leaders can help economies recover27 August 2020

Multiple articles on WEF's Great Reset initiative27 August 2020

Swiss banks are turning their backs on commodity trading27 August 2020

European Union too slow to help Belarus, Lithuanian Foreign Minister says27 August 2020

Spectacular Winners of the Bird Photographer of the Year 2020 Contest27 August 2020

Why are wind turbines being painted black? To reduce bird deaths by 70%27 August 2020

France suspends controversial glue-trapping of songbirds27 August 2020

50 new planets have been identified using breakthrough machine learning technology, the first time planets have been discovered using algorithms27 August 2020

U.S. CEO of China's TikTok app resigns after White House pressure27 August 2020

The elephant rescuer of Chiang Mai27 August 2020

New Fortnite Season Will Not Be Available On iPhones, As Judge Sides With Apple27 August 2020

Iran to allow UN watchdog access to 2 suspected ex-nuclear sites26 August 2020

U.N. Security Council president dismisses U.S. sanctions move on Iran26 August 2020

Irish E.U. Trade Chief Quits, a Casualty of Dinner That Flouted Virus Rules26 August 2020

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Switzerland's official COVID-19 patient zero was a Ticino dentist on 21 February who attended a conference in Lausanne (French, paywalled) — 27 August 2020

Hurricane Laura forecast goes from bad to catastrophic26 August 2020

Facebook removes Kenosha Guard page following deadly shooting26 August 2020

Trump’s convention gives platform to some with fringe views26 August 2020

Tourism Industry Faces $1 Trillion Loss, 100 Million Jobs At Risk From Covid-19, UN Reports25 August 2020

Young business owners in developing countries find new strategies to deal with the pandemic, survey reveals25 August 2020

Drug maker Teva's U.S. unit indicted on price-fixing charges25 August 2020

Bahamas Paradise will pay around 275 crew $875,000 for months of work without wages25 August 2020

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Two European cases of coronavirus re-infection reported25 August 2020

Hong Kong Man Caught the Coronavirus a Second Time in 'World's First' Reinfection25 August 2020

Rights expert denounces lack of investigation into 2017 killing of journalist in South Sudan25 August 2020

Geneva Cities Hub launched + YouTube of event — 25 August 2020

NATO allies are facing off in the Eastern Mediterranean. The conflict could entangle the entire region25 August 2020

Belarus jails two opposition leaders; teachers head rally of thousands25 August 2020

Looking at international Geneva's architecture25 August 2020

Microsoft brings transcriptions to its Word web app, but there are catches25 August 2020

Cox’s Bazar: Almost 1 in 5 people in treatment have lung disease as COVID-19 spreads24 August 2020

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Thailand issues new charges against fugitive Red Bull heir25 August 2020

Swiss team claims 1st jump, free fall from solar plane25 August 2020

Jerry Falwell Jr. officially does resign from Liberty University25 August 2020

COVID-19 news

Switzerland's official COVID-19 patient zero was a Ticino dentist on 21 February who attended a conference in Milan (French, paywalled) — 27 August 2020

Two European cases of coronavirus re-infection reported25 August 2020

Hong Kong Man Caught the Coronavirus a Second Time in 'World's First' Reinfection25 August 2020

WHO says world could rein in pandemic in less than two years22 August 2020

Coronavirus deaths pass 800,000 worldwide22 August 2020

WHO says world could rein in pandemic in less than two years22 August 2020

Students head back to campus in the U.S.: "Are colleges safe in general to open up right now? I would say probably not" — 16 August 2020

An expert's guide to controlling the spread of Covid-19 inside: "Many buildings in the U.S., especially schools, do not meet recommended ventilation rates" — 16 August 2020

Looking for the COVID-19 hotspots? Ignore the countries seeing virus resurgences: it has much more to do with nations that never successfully fought off the virus to begin with — or are only now experiencing its wrath for the first time." — 16 August 2020

The coronavirus has a weakness you can easily exploit, according to Fauci: sunlight outdoors16 August 2020

Here's How Long You're Protected From COVID-19 After Recovery15 August 2020

CDC suggests recovered COVID patients can't spread virus for 3 months14 August 2020

FDA says hand sanitizers with less than 60% ethanol won't protect you against COVID-1914 August 2020

Is it safe? And three other questions to ask before you go back to the office14 August 2020

At least 800 people may have died around the world because of coronavirus-related misinformation in the first three months of this year, researchers say. The study also stimates that about 5,800 people were admitted to hospital as a result of false information on social media.12 August 2020

Non-COVID news

Angry about protesters defacing statues? It’s actually a tradition going back thousands of years22 August 2020

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50% of people in India don't have Internet access, 41% in China, and 81% in Ethiopia17 August 2020

Greenland ice has shrunk beyond return, study finds15 August 2020

Looted landmarks: how Notre-Dame, Big Ben and St Mark's were stolen from the east13 August 2020

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Fortnite video game removed from Google Play Store after getting kicked off the App Store13 August 2020

Tribune Publishing Closes Five Major Newsrooms Through 2021 Amid Pandemic Concerns, including New York News, once nation's biggest newspaper12 August 2020

Humanitarian NGO ACTED condemns murder of its team of eight in 'safe region' of Niger10 August 2020

Two years in the making, rights experts say what protesters can do — and can’t: 9' 29" video6 August 2020

Brazilian Amazon drained of millions of wild animals by criminal networks: Report5 August 2020

ILO Convention achieves universal ratification for first time, against Child Labour4 August 2020

Trump signs $3B-a-year plan to boost conservation, parks4 August 2020

Ex-Google, Uber engineer Levandowski sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing trade secrets4 August 2020

MSNBC producer resigns from network with scathing letter: They block 'diversity of thought' and 'amplify fringe voices' (Fox News)4 August 2020

Famous economics experiment reproduced thousands of times4 August 2020

SEC Investigating 1,000% Surge in Kodak's Share Price Just Before Announcement Of $765 Million Government Loan: Report4 August 2020

ISIS Attack On Afghan Prison Leaves At Least 29 Dead3 August 2020

Twitter faces $250 million FTC fine for misusing emails and phone numbers3 August 2020

China uses Hong Kong security law against US and UK-based activists1 August 2020