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"Coronavirus has no nationality" — By visuals on Unsplash

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Daily update of COVID-19 trade measures

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How much does fake coronavirus news affect people's real-life health behavior? Not much — 31 July 2020

The Risk That Students Could Arrive at School With the Coronavirus: large parts of the U.S. would likely see infected students if classrooms opened now. — 31 July 2020

Do the drugs being used to treat COVID-19 really work? Euronews debunks the myths — 29 July 2020

Update: Do Not Use These 77 Liquid Hand Sanitizer Products, According to the Food and Drug Administration of the United States — 27 July 2020

You're most likely to catch COVID-19 from these activities — 26 July 2020

Scientists finally figured out what makes the coronavirus so dangerous: pathogen camouflages itself against immune response — 25 July 2020

EU eyes COVID-19 vaccines at less than $40, shuns WHO initiative — 24 July 2020

Half of infections come from people with no symptoms, and one-third of silent infections must be isolated to reduce infection rate to less than 1 — 8 July 2020

Covid 19 coronavirus: Mutant strain 'six times' more infectious, scientists say — 11 July 2020

CNN's latest on COVID-19 symptoms and what to do — 10 July 2020

More evidence emerges that BCG vaccine might help fight coronavirus — 10 July 2020

How good are masks? — 9 July 2020

Covid-19 brain: How the virus can wreak havoc on the nervous system: first study of symptoms — 8 July 2020

How Long Does Coronavirus Last? — 8 July 2020

U.S. May Be Headed for a 'Full-Blown' COVID-19 Outbreak — 8 July 2020

CDC Expands List of Those With Higher COVID-19 Risks: What to Know — 7 July 2020

Texas Doctors Rank (1-9) The Risks of Catching COVID-19 In These Activities — 6 July 2020

Hundreds of scientists say coronavirus is airborne in small particles, ask WHO to revise recommendations — 5 July 2020


COVID-19 pandemic accelerated shift to e-commerce by 5 years, new report says — 24 August 2020

At least 49,369 U.S. meatpacking, food processing and farmworkers have contracted Covid-19 since March 2020 — 30 July 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on travel and tourism — 29 July 2020

A lesson in automated journalism: Bring back the humans — 29 July 2020

Thailand ranks #1 globally for its handling of coronavirus. What about the rest of SEA? — 28 July 2020

Coronavirus-linked hunger kills 10,000 children a month, says UN — 28 July 2020

COVID-19: These countries are most at risk from falling tourism: Mexico and Spain at top — 27 July 2020

COVID has Caused the Longest and Deepest Cuts in Human Noise on Record: reduced by up to 50% — 27 July 2020

North Korea declares state of emergency as Covid-19 case reported — 26 July 2020

Yelps says more than half of surveyed U.S. restaurants temporarily closed are now permanently shuttered — 22 July 2020

AP Exclusive: Aid from top donors drops even as need soars — 22 July 2020

Coronavirus prevalence in Geneva: "We estimated that for every reported confirmed case, there were 11.6 infections in the community." — 22 July 2020 posting from 11 June 2020

Coronavirus toll in U.S. hits 3 million + map — 9 July 2020

Millions of Americans are going hungry as the pandemic erodes incomes and destroys communities — 8 July 2020

One fifth of German firms fear for their survival amid pandemic — 6 July 2020

India Overtakes Russia to Reach 3rd Spot on Coronavirus Worst-hit List as Many States Report Highest Daily Spike — 5 July 2020

The Week America Lost Control of the Pandemic — The Atlantic — 2 July 2020


Vietnam bans wildlife imports, markets amid new health fears — 25 July 2020

Temporary Basic Income to protect the world's 2.7 billion poorest people could slow the surge in COVID-19 cases and cost only 12% of the COVID-19 response or 1/3 of debt repayments, says UNDP — 23 July 2020

'A Shameful Moment': Trump Announces Formal Withdrawal From WHO as Covid-19 Cases Climb: Common Dreams — 7 July 2020

Australia to close an internal border for first time
after record Victoria COVID-19 outbreak
— 6 July 2020

UN enlists 10,000 digital volunteers to fight COVID-19 misinformation — 2 July 2020


Eurozone GDP drops 12.1% in record pandemic plunge — 31 July 2020

The pandemic has been very good business for Apple — 31 July 2020

US economy shrinks record 33% in second quarter due to Covid-19 crisis, and unemployement reaches 14.7% — 30 July 2020

Coronavirus leads to record drop in German GDP but unemployment holds steady — 30 July 2020

Coronavirus: Samsung profits soar on work from home demand — 30 July 2020


COVID-19: These countries are most at risk from falling tourism: Mexico and Spain at top — 27 July 2020

Deserted beaches, empty bars: Covid-19 devastates Thailand's tourist islands — 23 July 2020


Yelp says more than half of surveyed U.S. restaurants that temporarily closed are now permanently shuttered — 22 July 2020


Caribbean nations selling citizenship to Americans due to tourism decline — 20 July 2020


LinkedIn cuts 960 jobs (6%) as pandemic puts the brakes on corporate hiring — 21 July 2020


UBS posts 11% fall in second-quarter profit as it warns of continued credit losses — 21 July 2020


How the Pandemic Is Changing the Economy — 16 July 2020

Middle class

Chile announces new $1.5 billion stimulus for middle class as pandemic rages — 6 July 2020


Daily update of COVID-19 trade measures

macmap (LINK)


Global Tourism Sector set to lose at least $1.2 trillion due to Coronavirus, UNCTAD says — 1 July 2020


Global Tourism Sector set to lose at least $1.2 trillion (1.5%) due to Coronavirus, UNCTAD says

For every $1 million lost in international tourism revenue, a country's national income could decline by $2 million to $3 million. In the worst-affected countries, unemployment for unskilled workers could rise by up to 17%.

UNCTAD estimates losses in the most pessimistic scenario, a 12-month break in international tourism, at $3.3 trillion or 4.2% of global GDP.

unctad (LINK)

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COVID-19 news from May 2020

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